Black Teeth & Golden Tongues

Burnt Ones

Black Teeth & Golden Tongues

Roaring Colonel

The Burnt Ones, a brand new three-piece act originating from San Fransisco, will be releasing their first full-length soon.  The album’s entitled Black Teeth & Golden Tongues, and throughout the album the Burnt Ones effortlessly emulate the sounds of 60’s pop boy bands into a modern punk influenced design.  A few fuzzy guitar chords provide the back drop to some pop-punk lyrical content filtered through the kind of harmonious vocals you’d expect from the Beach Boys or similar.  The first track “Bury Me In Smoke” displays those juxtapositions perfectly, and is a perfect introduction to what you can expect from there out.  But the best song comes in at track six with “Kaleidoscope Eyes” combining thoughtful lyrical content with their signature style.  But that’s all it really is, their style.  Basically, this one gets repetitive.


Released:  8/9/2010


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