Film School


Hi-Speed Soul

This five-piece indie band based out of San Francisco doesn’t exactly push boundaries in the way our favorite underground groups do, but that isn’t to say they don’t have their merit.  Channeling the sounds of such prolific acts including Yo La Tengo and Lush, Film School has an ear for pop-sensibility and all members of the group are obviously students of musical appreciation.  Their sound is familiar, but in a good way.  Fission, however, marks a venture into new realms for the group.  Here they play off of the ethereal vocal qualities of bassist Lorelei Plotczyk, occupying a new space the band has yet to explore.  Plotczyk’s melodious song comes through strongest in the title track “Heart Full of Pentagons,” the classic indie rock duet “Waited” and my personal favorite, the melancholically simple tune “Bones.”  Sure, Fission may be a little bland but that hardly detracts from its value.


Released:  8/31/2010


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