Good Times & Bad Advice

Big B

Good Times & Bad Advice

Suburban Noize Records

Looking at the jacket of Good Times & Bad Advice I expected some trash country trucker rock but with this Big B has proven that the old adage is true, that you really should never judge a book by its cover (or album art).  And while Big B may be a fairly new face in the industry, his presence is as big as his name. In the six years following Big B’s discovery by Kottonmouth Kings and his subsequent signing to Suburban Noize Records the MC has released three albums as one of two vocalists for rock rap group OPM on top of five of his own records.  Good Times & Bad Advice will be Big B’s six solo release and in it are some of the most refined vocals and classiest beats out of the genre.  He possesses an excellent voice for hip-hop and vocal chords meant for melody, allowing him to transfer seamlessly from song to rhyme many times within each track.  And while he sounds gravelly at points it only compliments his lyrical content, which appears to revolve around the man’s struggles in both life and love and how those experiences have influenced his self-image today.  Complimenting Big B’s presence are some artfully mastered beats, both upbeat and full of pop-sensibility along with just enough of that hip-hop bounce (I dare you not to move) and slowing down at the opportune moments to allow for the always strong vocals to shine through.  Don’t miss this release.


Released:  9/14/2010


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