maus haus



Trust me when I say this, San Fransisco’s six-piece art-rock act maus haus is a group to watch out for.  The group’s newest EP, sea-sides, fills up a spot somewhere in that big vast blank between space and time, ethereal in quality while conveying an almost celestial sense of ambition throughout the project.  Simply put, maus haus is one of the most progressive acts available to anyone (I feel now like I did when I first heard Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs). While the EP may be short, with only five songs clocking out at just over twenty minutes, it certainly is sweet.  The album begins with “Winters,” a hopeful song with the most melodic lyrical content.  Second track “Zig-Zag” holds the album’s record for weirdness, closely followed by the next song “Skyward Housing.”  But the real standout track is “Sunshine,” the album’s most organic, living track.

Released:  Not… sure?  Recently.


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