Secret Things


Secret Things

Modern Language Recordings

Motorifik marks the first joint project of Manchester, England’s Working For A Nuclear Free City’s songwriter and producer Phil Kay and French songwriter Idrisse Khelifi.  Here in Motorifik, Kay puts to display his full range of talents all the while borrowing those of the equally gifted Khelifi.  These two met in Manchester while Working For A Nuclear Free City was working on their increasingly avant-garde second album.  Kay found Khelifi’s grasp of pop-sensibility and direct style neatly juxtaposed against his own approach and from there formed Motorifik.  By neatly combining Kay’s experimental characteristics with Khelifi’s direct style Secret Things finds itself chock-full of instant-classics, catchy enough so they stick and with enough complexities that each listen will only uncover more of what Motorifik has to offer.


Released:  11/8/2010


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