Songs For Endless Cities: Volume 1


Songs For Endless Cities: Volume 1

!K7 Records

Brackles is a London-based beat-mixer and producer, known for his work in popular dance genres such as dubstep, UK house and garage.  Most recently, he has been recruited by the record label !K7 to create the first mixtape in their upcoming Songs For Endless Cities series.  Brackles describes this mix as some of the first in a new “post-dubstep” genre.  Dubstep, a relatively new electronic dance craze, has certain limitations due to its bass-heavy song structure.  Brackles has shrugged those constraints for this mix, seeking out the newest and most progressive dance music.  In this eclectic mix-tape both big name acts and new break-outs are included, including favorite dubstep and garage acts such as Flying Lotus, Zomby, Hypno (and much, much more).  The mixtape even features a new song produced by Brackles himself, entitled “Blo.”  If you are itching for a sample of the newest in electronic dance, look no further than here.

Released:  8/31/2010


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