Turning On

Cloud Nothings

Turning On

Carpark Records

Cloud Nothings is the brainchild of the talented Cleveland native and 18-year-old Dylan Baldi, and though I would love to say otherwise, his inexperience definitely shines through. But he does clearly have the skills to go somewhere and if he keeps utilizing that ‘90’s-esque lo-fi edge with his melancholically raw vocals he will.  However that doesn’t allow Turning On to reach the potential I’m sure Baldi envisioned with his first full-length release.  Its lack of sound variety (I could barely tell one song’s end from another’s beginning, minus the few second pause), the unpolished producing, simple song writing and boring lyrical content all help to make it feel like less than a finished product.  Avoid Cloud Nothings for now, and let’s see what comes out of their possibilities.


Released:  10/12/10


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