Farad – The Electric Voice

Bruce Haack

Farad – The Electric Voice

Stones Throw Records

Bruce Haack is one of the pioneers of electronic music.  If you haven’t heard of him, don’t worry.  His major albums were all released in the ‘50s and the legend passed during the late 80’s due to heart failure.  So Farad – The Electronic Voice is a compilation of tracks released over his career.  You may recognize certain samples from the album that have been transported to the modern era by major electronic acts including Daft Punk, Kraftwerk and Cut Chemist, or, as older generations may attest to, from television ditties popular in the ‘60s (including Kraft cheese commercials, themes from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Mister Rogers Neighborhood).  Farad – The Electronic Voice shows just how progressive Haack’s material was at its time.  Many modern electronic acts clearly use stylings influenced by Haack’s songwriting.  And Farad – The Electronic Voice sounds modern enough that it could be the production of a mainstream indie electronic act.  It’s for anyone with a healthy love of electronica.

Released:  10/15/2010


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