The Octopus Project


Peek-A-Boo Records

For three years I’ve been stressing the power and potential that is The Octopus Project.  Known for their full-band instrumentals where they employ strong live drums, complicated piano and guitar riffs and full library of samples.  Frontwoman Yvonne Lambert has even been known to play the theremin on certain tracks (a neat electronic instrument controlled by waving and moving ones fingers several feet above it in the air, never touching the player).  Hexadecagon is the fourth full-length release for the band, and marks a new territory for the group.  Containing longer (but less) tracks, it feels more complete as a whole than earlier releases and is more specifically tailoring to live settings.  While it may not have that roaring standout their previous albums have had, the progression from song to song creates a feel that they hadn’t quite mastered in earlier releases.  Writing for Hexadecagon began in late 2009 during a major tour for the band.  During songwriting, the members began to realize that in order to achieve the full extent of their creative vision the existing and available electronics and software were not enough.  They wanted an eight-channel surround sound for the album rather than the existing two-channel stereo system used in most modern recordings.  So they built the tools they needed.  Pushing their software and tech to the limit The Octopus Project have produced an album built for their live show, allowing for eight massive speakers to be set up around the audience to make for a particularly spectacular performance.  Hexadecagon is as good as they come.  Period.


Released:  10/6/2010


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