You Make Me Real

Brandt Brauer Frick

You Make Me Real

Studio !K7

For nearly fifteen years Studio !K7 has actively sought out the most forward-thinking experimental electronic to mainstream audiences (the avant-garde Stateless and Erlend Øye come to mind).  Brandt Brauer Frick certainly meets the Studio !K7 mold as a three piece electronic act from Berlin with a knack for classical instrumentation.  What results from this harmonious meld of techno and orchestration  is You Make Me Real.  While the nine tracks are relatively simplistic when compared to most cutting-edge electronica what real brings it all together is the very full sound of almost exclusively live instrumentation.  With a quality set of headphones the album reaches for new levels displaying an intricacy in tone that’s unheard of not only in techno but in modern music as a whole.  The members of Brandt Brauer Frick have the right idea and the right execution.


Released:  11/23/2010


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