Prism Eyes

Reading Rainbow

Prism Eyes

HoZac Records

Surreal and nostalgic, from the moment the album starts Reading Rainbow’s unique name seems highly appropriate.  While it’s hard to pinpoint why; maybe it has to do with the air of child-like wonder present throughout the album or the warm welcoming feel that’s imparted within each track.  Either way Prism Eyes is happy and familiar, full of appealing auditory minimalism with a dash of lo-fi finishing.  Comprised of Philadelphia married couple Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton, Reading Rainbow’s newest release is a lyrical exploration into the tension that exists within our dreams and reality, allowing they cover broad themes and ask big questions that are most often ignored by mainstream musicians.  Prism Eyes is a simplistic, meaningful and deep release that covers more ground than Reading Rainbow’s more established peers touch on.


Released:  11/23/2010


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