Will Never Die


Will Never Die

Break Silence

Few bands have been as universally hated as Brokencyde.  Their previous releases have been colorfully described as “fucking horrendous,” “a mockery to the world of music,” and my personal favorite “a near-perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit at this point in the culture” (stated by the wonderful Warren Ellis). Will Never Die is crunkcore act Brokencyde’s second full-length release and, to be honest, a part of me hopes these guys stay.  It’s a perfect example of what you shouldn’t do.  Like if I were giving someone tips for making a new band I’d say “don’t be like Brokenycde.  Listen to what they do and do the opposite.”  I’ve heard Brokencyde referred to as punk for the Disney pop generation.  A more accurate description than that doesn’t exist.


Release Date:  11/9/2010


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