Worm Moon Waning

Through the Sparks

Worm Moon Waning

Skybucket Records

Comprised of a collection of childhood friends from indie hotspot Birmingham, Alabama, Through the Sparks’ a new act unique enough to have their own individual, complex brand of folk.  In Worm Moon Waning they have incorporated many different approaches from all the genres of indie rock, making each song brilliant and sophisticated sprawls of sounds and noises.  It’s a collection of disparate styles shackled together into one compelling, attractive clutter.  The album’s lyrical content is no exception either, ranging from a variety of topics, seemingly indulging in every thought that crossed their minds as they wrote (allowing for a very eclectic and unique tone to be present).  While this is at times frustrating (songs are not always easy to follow), It’s obvious to tell Through the Sparks wouldn’t have it any other way.  And, to reiterate, the musical styling’s of Through the Sparks is really like none other.  It’s a perfect combination of psychedelica, singer-songwriter and power pop, all polished off with a touch of Birmingham’s authentic southern soul.  I’d say keep your eyes open next summer, an act like this is sure to begin headlining that summer festival circle before too long (and I can’t wait).  It’s for anyone with a healthy interest in the unique and the individualistic.  And it’s probably for the rest of you too; I really can’t see anyone not enjoying this.


Release Date:  11/23/2010


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