Am I Real

Nite Jewel

Am I Real


In recent years there seems to be no shortage of psychedelic dance-pop; it seems every basement dweller with a drum machine has nothing to do but string together these pieces.  And while Nite Jewel is certainly a step above those basement dwellers, there is also not enough here to set her apart from her more established counterparts.  It’s one part Deerhunter, one part Massive Attack and one part Debbie Deb, but no part it’s own.  Am I Real will be California native Ramona Gonzales’ second release, presenting itself as a collaborative work with Cole M. Greif-Neill of Haunted Graffiti fame.  And the worst part of it all is how strong the release starts.  The first track “Another Horizon” is by far the standout of the album, and it show’s that Nite Jewel’s may in fact have potential.  It contrasts from the last tracks of the album, being refreshingly original through properly employing Gonzales’ ethereal voice to compliment the catchy, pop-sensible and appealingly simple synthesized riffs.  The second track “We Want Our Things” isn’t all bad either, and I found myself drawn in by the space age arpeggios and highly synthesized melody.  Though from there to the finale the album only progressively moves from bland to blander, sounding more and more like everything else out there.  Pick it up if you really love your electro-pop, but for the rest of you I promise that it is far from special.


Release Date:  8/16/2010


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