Mind Police

Dave Dub and the Sutter Cain Gang

Mind Police

M9 Entertainment

Hip-hop and punk have always had a unique relationship.  Despite their obvious and numerous differences, there is something the two genres share that brings them together so often.  Maybe it’s the similar fringe attitude they share.  Or maybe it’s the disdain for authority.  Whatever it is, Dave Dub and the Sutter Cain Gang have clearly latched themselves to the fusing genres.  But how they go about it, it’s all wrong.  The best punk/hip-hop compliments both genres equally, while Mind Police does its job with those inane power chords and unintelligible rhyming.  Maybe it’s just Dave Dub, cause MC and friend of the act JtheSarge’s verses are clear and strong, as it should be.  It all just sounds like a group of guys trying way too hard to emulate acts like Rage Against the Machine or Street Sweeper Social Club.  Skip it.


Released:  10/31/2010 (do you really care?)


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