The Road of 6

Kat Maslich-Bode

The Road of 6

Mishara Music

There seems to be no shortage of singer-songwriters these days.  Every time one moves off the radar, two more emerge.  Former frontwoman and songwriter for indie act eastmountainsouth, Kat Maslich-Bode has the credentials to be heard amid the crowded genre.  This release marks Kat’s debut, and it’s been a journey for her.  The album is aptly named The Road of 6 for the six years it took her to complete it.  It’s deceivingly simple, employing soft acoustics to compliment Kat’s gorgeously minimalistic harmonies and guest vocalists Mary Chapin Carpenters melodic accompaniments.  Despite the seemingly simplistic acoustic stylings Kat’s lyrical content achieves depth and layer that’s too uncommon today, even in such an introspective genre.  Despite the six years of creative limbo The Road of 6 resided in, it is unwelcomingly short.  Clocking out with just six songs at only 25 minutes, her first release will remain short but sweet.  Fingers crossed for a future with something big.


Released:  1/18/2010


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