Advent Christmas EP Volume 2

Future of Forestry

Advent Christmas EP Volume 2

Credential Recordings

What originally started as a side project for Future of Forestry, their Advent Christmas series has quickly grown beyond the band’s borders.  Traditionally a Christian alternative rock band, Future of Forestry’s music has always appealed to a small but dedicated audience.  After the first volume, it was obvious there was more to these guys than cheesy Christian rock, that there was real musical talent present throughout that release.  And a year later, Future of Forestry has released Advent Christmas EP Volume 2, acting as a perfect complement to their first release.  Designed as a companion to last year’s epic volume, not only does it complete what was started but goes even further than expected.  And while it may be short with only five songs there is musical quality and depth not present in many Christmas albums these days.  Their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” is especially mesmerizing, breaking into new territory through implementing these incredibly talented drum solos to accompany frontman Eric Owyoung haunting take on the Christmas classic.  And while I must confess I have a certain soft-spot for holiday music (something about the way I was raised), I guarantee Future of Forestry’s Advent Christmas Volume 2 is everything you’re looking for on a cold December eve.


Released:  11/2/2010


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