Star of Love

Crystal Fighters

Star of Love


Zirkulo records’ (the French fashion and music label that brought us favorite electro-indie giants including Boys Noize, Bloc Party, the Whitest Boy Alive and Hot Chip) newest family edition, Crystal Fighters, is an instant classic (though not to be confused with electro-indie, punk-inspired act Crystal Castles).  With a sound that’s refreshingly new, bold, upbeat and fun; there really is something special about this Spanish quintet.  From the first track, “Solar System” (one of their heavier dance ballads), Crystal Fighter’s debut release Star of Love hits the ground running.  Their unique implementation of classic Basque instrumentation over synthesizers with some of the cleverest use of harmony (don’t miss their playful “Plage” for that) in dance music makes for a new genre of electro-folk you can’t help but move to.  And while the lyrics may at times be hard to follow (they like to switch between Spanish and English at a whim, often mid-song) there is an irresistible nature to their vocals and the choruses are each instantly brilliant and chant-worthy (if you’re not singing along you’re moving).  Oh and did I mention Crystal Fighters received their recognition for their live shows?  With such a clever and accessible first release I can only imagine what their explosive, experimental, euphoric show might be like.  Oh, and did I mention how each of their live events host a decent amount of new, unique material for that show?  If you know better you’ll pick up Star of Love and keep your eyes open for a California show.


Released:  9/13/2010


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