Salt On Sea Glass

If By Yes

Salt On Sea Glass

Chimera Music

If By Yes exists in that little space where the avant-garde meets pop-sensibility.  Their slow and deliberate rhythms give way to catchy and simple melodies, all finished off with front woman Petra Hadan’s haunting vocals.  If By Yes’s members certainly have the pedigrees to make Salt On Sea Glass an inactivating experience.  Petra Hadan and keyboardist Yuka Honda first began sketching up tracks for a then unnamed future CD way back in 2002 when they lived 3000 miles apart.  Soon they were joined by the popular Japanese band Cornelius’ drummer and guitarist (Hirotaka Shimizu and Yuko Araki, respectively), marking the official lineup for If By Yes.  Despite their appealing line-up, nothing really stands out about Salt On Glass.  In an age flooded by the so called “independent” genre, If By Yes brings nothing new to the table.


Released:  12/28/2010


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