Merok Records

What started as an internet sensation based around employing heavy bass lines and beats into the soundtracks of exploitation films of yesteryear, Gatekeeper quickly found a fan base surrounding their outputs.  So now, a year later, and this time using their own horror movie-esque soundtrack and bass lines, Gatekeeper created a record that was entirely while still feeding off the style that gave rise to Gatekeeper’s popularity.  Giza is that product, filling a space that’s owned by the darkest, most gothic electronic music out there.  It’s a refreshing change in a genre that’s so been recently flooded by light and upbeat house tracks.  No acts these days share the refined horror aesthetic that Gatekeeper has so expertly produced.  If you want something new in your electro library, pick up Gatekeeper’s dark product of originality.

Released:  12/21/2010


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