(Disclaimer:  This is not an album review.  This is of a video game, and the review will also be posted in next weeks Synthesis under the “Misc Debris” section)


Markus Persson

Minecraft has consumed me.  I’ve pushed my social life aside to mine the depths for that invaluable diamond.  I’ve forgone meals just so I could finish my eye of Sauron (or Barad-dum, for all you nerds out there).  I’ve called in sick to work in order to properly explore the Nether.  And I regret none of it.  Minecraft, for all the uninformed gamers out there, is an open-world exploration and creation game based around the mining and use of blocks to create fantastic, impressive and unique structures.  The game world itself is entirely made up of said blocks, from the trees to the dirt and stone and even the games water and lava (lending to a charming, cube-like aesthetic, which is both unique and easy on your processor).  The player mines and uses these blocks, placing them to create structures or breaking them down to craft tools making future mining and exploration easier.  Praised as “virtual LEGOs for adults,” Minecraft is now in its beta form.  There is no story or adventure mode (yet) but the randomly generated and nearly infinite worlds (any given game space takes up eight times the surface of planet earth), spawned monsters and critters (or mobs, as the game refers to them), complex caves and dungeons (filled with treasure and said mobs), realistically generated landscapes and cooperative/versus online play all lend to a product with peerless playability.  Download the beta now for a discounted price and reservation for a free download of its official, future release to start your own personalized world.  Or join an appealing friendly server.  Or go griefing (I’d rather you not).  With Minecraft, it’s all up to you.

Released:  Beta ($15 and a reserved free completed version), Indev (free), completed version by the end of 2011 ($30)

More images:

A brand new randomly generated world.

The Two Towers (built by me)

Top of the Tower of Isengard


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  1. I love this… you are so clever in your phrasing, you have me smiling and laughing nodding my head (even when I fear you might really mean it re calling in sick to work!). This sounds like the best of all worlds for you and your “boy” generation… legos (the best toy ever invented – and no one has ever been as creative as you in your constructions) and video games … creativity and accomplishment.
    You write like a pro. Guess you’re on your way! Proud.

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