The Young International EP

The Young International

The Young International EP

Reybee Production

The Young International is a new four-piece act out of Nashville that does an excellent job channeling the energies of pop rock acts (think All-American Rejects or Newfound Glory) and turning those energies into something that’s a little more palatable for us music snobs.  Still not good and it certainly does not hold a candle to the quality of music the last ten years have brought us, but it does display a clear step in the right direction for a floundering genre.  As per typical to their peers, The Young International employs strong (repetitive) power chords, simple bare-back drumming and teenage angsty lyrical content.  All in all, if The Young International reared their heads ten years ago, they might have peaked my interest (just as they still will for our junior high brothers).


Released:  2/1/2011


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