Um, Uh Oh

Say Hi

Um, Uh Oh

Barsuk Records

Few of you have heard of Seattle’s Say Hi, but they hold a record unheard of in music.  Over the last ten years, Say Hi has broken up thirty-seven times.  Some members have quit, others were fired and some just stopped returning phone calls, leaving Say Hi to go through band members the way most of us go through cigarettes.  Now, the one consistent member throughout all those years (the brilliant and uncompromising Eric Elbogen) has once again pulled together enough friends and miscellaneous musicians to patch together another full-length release.  Um, Uh Oh will be Say Hi/Eric Elbogen’s seventh full length album and despite their more than rocky history, the record comes across as one of the stronger traditional rock albums I’ve heard since I started working here.  In Um, Uh Oh Eric Elbogen’s songwriting dips into all the results from his last ten years of failed relationships.  Personal and musical, he has taken all his perceived failings and dedicated them into the content creating one of Say Hi’s most personal and emotional records to date (as well as one of the most appropriately named).  He sings of his repeated mistakes and apparent self-loathing, all the while building his best full-length to date.  His weary, personal and pained content allow for expressiveness unparalleled.  And all that maturity and openness work together to make one the year’s best rock and roll best releases.


Released:  1/25/2011


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