Laru Beya


Laru Beya

Sub Pop Records

Aurelio Martinez, born on Honduras’ Caribbean coast, may be one of the last musicians to come from the rich Garifuna tradition.  A culture that whose influences merge between common African and Caribbean Indian roots, Aurelio is a member of what is likely the last generation of Garifuna.  Born in a small fishing villiage, he spent his childhood without electricity and learned his first chords on a guitar he built from wood and wire from fishing rods.  Needless to say, Aurelio’s style is one that is steeped in tradition.  Born to the local troubadour and his vocally talented wife, Aurelio was not only taught by his family but was also sheltered from most outside influences.  And to add one more to his list of credentials Aurelio Martinez spent time serving has Honduras’ official representative to the United Nations (and the first Honduran of African ascent to serve that position).  Laru Beya will be Aurelio’s sophomore full release and it does not disappoint.  It’s fun and playful in a way that’s both instantly appealing and unique in an era of individuality.  We’ve had it on repeat in my apartment since I brought two days ago.  A must for every music lover.


Released:  1/18/2011


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