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Modular Recordings

Zonoscope is the first release of 2011 that I had on my radar, probably thanks to Cut Copy’s ability to elicit dance parties wherever they are played or how they never fail to brighten my day.  Whatever it is, Cut Copy has proved again and again that they are and should be everyone’s staple electro-pop.  While I’ve tried not to get my hopes up too high prior to Zonoscopes release I couldn’t help but have high anticipation (thanks in no part to their latest premiere release, the excellent In Bright Colors).  And I’m happy to say I’ve hardly been disappointed.  While maybe not their best release to date, their noticeably brighter tone and focus on their upbeat, more playful side made Zonoscope my first must have of 2011.  Their reduction in the heavy bass lines that dominated their last release and cheerful melodies are welcome but the accompanying lyrical content seems lacking.  But that’s never been what Cut Copy has been known for, and they have kept their insatiable, catchy rhythms intact while going in a new, even more pleasant direction.  Don’t miss the album’s first single, the Men at Work-influenced “Take Me Over” or its epic, avante-garde fifteen minute finale “Sun God.”  Oh, and let’s not forget to mention that Cut Copy has signed on to headline Zonoscope at the upcoming Coachella.  Peep their lineup, Cut Copy is only one of our favorites in the first must-go festival of the year.

Released:  2/8/2011


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