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Dan Bejar has been a moving force since the first emergence of indie-rock.  Since forming Destroyer in 1996 Bejar has released eight albums, refining a style that’s both unique and refreshingly new all the while gathering recognition and a sizable following.  Kaputt will be Bejar’s ninth release as Destroyer and will mark a transition from that traditional, hard rocking style Destroyer has been known for (I mean, he did choose that name for a reason).  But here in Kaputt we receive a sound that’s not only new to Bejar, but unique in an age of overabundance.  Here he channels sounds from the slow, slightly cheesy soft rock and jazzy pap full of classy horns and gentle croons.  It’s the type of music you might have heard (or still hear) in a dentist office.  But don’t let that turn you away; it’s an excellent composition that marks a new direction for a very specific artist.  It’s good and instantly appealing in ways Destroyer’s previous releases weren’t.  It still has that airy Destroyer polish; it’s just been transitioned into a new (unique) genre.   Don’t think too hard about, Bejar doesn’t want you to.  He’s stated in interviews that he has recorded vocals laying in bed or preparing a sandwich, and I don’t think he wants listeners to approach Kaputt any differently.  It’s both light and enjoyable, all done in that classy blues-jazz-esque manner.  It was fun for him and he wants it to be fun for us (don’t worry, it is).

Released:  1/25/2011


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