Stars Have Shapes

Exploding Star Orchestra

Stars Have Shapes

Delmark Records

Chicago has long been known for being home one of our both hottest and most unique music movements in the country.  And then from those multitudes of unrelated but booming genres, we find Rob Mazurek.  Regarded as perhaps Chicago’s best and most well known artist, Rob Mazurek has spent the last twenty years in the city’s highlight.  Over those years Mazurek has continued to refine and explore his craft, transitioning flawlessly between avante-garde electronica to free form jazz and back top progressive rock.  Six years ago Mazurek created Exploding Star Orchestra with the intention of blurring those genre definitions even more.  Though classically identified as jazz, Stars Have Shapes incorporates all elements from all of Chicago’s scenes, resulting in what first sounds like a jumbled mess of noise and feedback.  At times it’s hard to even tell there is a song in the background, as often as the horns and clarinets give way to unintelligible static and intermittent feedback mid-song.  But I find myself transfixed, and as soon as I go to adjust my speakers the tracks once again burst into harmonic sounds and recognizable instrumentation.  Now is when I will stress that this album is not at all for everyone.  Lovers of the freest expressions and avante-garde styling’s will find themselves at home, but I know most won’t find those same levels of appreciation.  But if you are at all curious, believe me that it is good, very good.  Stars Have Shapes is certainly a one of a kind release from one standout scene.


Released:  9/21/2010


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