James Blake

James Blake

James Blake

A&M Records

Almost a decade after the dark, heavy bass lines of dubstep first made their way to the imaginations of the London’s best and DJs and producers, dubstep has quickly grown into one of the most popular and infectious styles of dance music in the world.  James Blake is one of the newest and youngest (only 22 years) producers to that growing army, bringing a mellow, soft singer-songwriter edge into the heavy electronic beats.  Recently highlighted in BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll, it’s widely recognized that Blake is one of the most unique and talented producers in the genre.  Sometimes pinned as “pub-singer meets dubstep,” in his debut self-titled release James Blake we find Blake borrowing pages from other mainstream electronic musicians; that is using his own voice rather than samples to make interesting and electronic fused pop-sensible rhythms.  This dubstep producer’s gentle piano touch, melancholically distorted vocals and clever beats allow him to stay away from the stale, purely bass heavy “waah-waah” dubstep that’s infiltrated everyone’s playlist.  When it’s done we have the studied delicacy of classical musicianship coupled with the infectious, mesmerizing rhythms of dubstep and UK garage.  If you are interested in the direction dubstep is going or want something quiet to compliment those gigs of speaker-blowing basslines you have stored, James Blake is a good bet.  Just don’t expect an Excision or Rusko sound-alike here, this is something new.


Released:  2/7/2011


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