Revival Sessions

Family Business music has been working behind the scenes in Chico and Northern California for seven years working on expanding the careers of our best local musicians and producers while bringing some of music’s biggest names to the area.  Founded by local artist and Chico School of Rock teacher, Hap Hathaway’s (whose classes cover DJing/mixing, hip-hop production, songwriting, culture and origins) first release, Agronomy… A Study in Cultural Practices.  Opened in 2003, Hathaway’s Family Business “has been on expansion mode ever since.”  Family Business music has had its hand in staging and providing equipment for some of Northern California’s biggest shows, including C-Rayz Walz of Def Jux, 2Mex of Visionaries, Tech9, Souls of Mischief of Hieroglyphics, all often with favorite local act The Resonators opening.

Hathaway is also on the board of entertainment for Wild Mountain Productions where he promises that Concow’s next Wild Mountain Fair “really should be a huge show, we plan on having headliner artists all three days and DJ’s every night for the late nighters.”  Catch further Synthesis issues for more information on that event, happening this June, 25th through the 27th.  ß take out if I’m too far over word count

Recently Hathaway and his Family Business music label have pooled their resources and influence with one KRS-One’s the Temple of Hip-Hop.  Since the Temple of Hip-Hop’s 1996 inception, it has been a major driving force in the genre’s culture.  Embracing the positive aspects of the hip-hop lifestyle, the Temple of Hip-Hop encourages artists, producers and everyone else to spread the aspects of their culture, to write more socially-conscious songs and promote the play of the more socially-conscious songs on the radio.  With the same goals and love of the music, this match can only mean good things.  And that first good thing isn’t too far away, with the first event of their upcoming monthly “Revival Sessions” happening this weekend at Café Culture.

The greatest part of this union is the bright future it’s creating for Northern California’s hip-hop.  With the Temple of Hip-Hop’s built in network of artists, producers and fans we will see more and more up and coming artists as well as current hip-hop legends playing alongside local musicians at their monthly “Revival Sessions” events.  Add Hathaway and Family Business’ friends at Chico’s music hotspot Café Culture for a provided venue and we get “a unified hip-hop movement here in Northern California unlike anything that has ever been attempted.”

The “Revival Sessions’” goal is simple, to create a monthly hip-hop event open to all ages in order to, as Hathaway describes, “…keep the positive aspects of our culture alive and thriving through true tribal style gatherings of hip-hoppers, built by hip-hoppers, for hip-hoppers.”  Each month we will see a collection of performances by artists from around the country accompanied by local hip-hop and break dancers.  Also featured in each month’s event is an open mic session for anyone who feels inspired and a piece or two from the local The Now School Movement, “a collaboration of the area’s freshest DJ’s and illest MC’s.”

As mentioned, the first “Revival Sessions” event will happen this weekend on Saturday, the 26th at 8:30 p.m. at Café Culture.  Come to be treated to hip-hops rich “living tradition of oral history and dance, the original global languages.  There will be singers, rhymers, dancers, DJ’s, graffiti art live and an open MC circle so there will truly be something exciting for everyone… This is real hip-hop.”


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