Drifting in Silence


Labile Records

Sonic ambience.  Industrial clashes.  Instrumental grooves.  Dreamy shoegazing.  Droning beats.  Lifesounds, the fifth album from experimental composer Derrick Stembridge, is a unification of genres all orchestrated into dark, heavy electronica.  The project, named Drifting in Silence, is perhaps most accurately labeled with Stembridge’s own description – post-ambience.  And for the first time, Stembridge has included vocals on several songs, vocorded to a healthy degree that only compliments those ambient, industrial grooves.  With all these elements present listeners will experience a distinct feeling of movement, a kind of soaring through dreamscapes, hence the name Drifting in Silence.  It’s not often we see a classically trained artist exploring territories claimed by the most avant-garde, but when we do the degree of polish is outstanding.  Lifesounds is interesting, and it marks new territory for the genres.  Fans of ambience and industrial electronica will appreciate.


Released:  12/28/2010


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