The Quickening

The Morning Birds

The Quickening

Working Brilliantly

One of the newest acts in the indie, singer-songwriter vein, The Morning Birds only just formed two years ago when the two members Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus met in musical hotspot Los Angeles and began dating.  While there has always been an ill-defined animosity towards “cute couples”, don’t let that discourage you.  The two are a perfect complement to each other, weaving in and out of the others vocals and instrumentation, sharing verses and harmonizing on any chorus.  The Quickening will be Thorington and Markus’ second release together as The Morning Birds.  Present in the release is a degree of musical maturity and individuality that beats out their first full-length Inspiration Point.  Each member now brings something unique to the table and with the way Thorington and Markus work together through meshing their individual styles The Quickening marks new depth for the act.  Inspiration comes easy to Thorington and Markus, as they live near a rather isolated Buddhist temple.  There they have chosen to forego modern entertainment amenities (including television and radio) in favor of a simple lifestyle, where they entertain themselves through creative expression and a mutual appreciation of nature.  In that isolated state they write, forming pure, fantastic songs reminiscent of the best male-female duos in modern music’s history.  They have the pure joy of life present in Matt and Kim, the polish of She and Him and the intensity of the White Stripes.


Released:  4/26/2011


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