Lifeology 101

Winston Warrior

Lifeology 101

Vintage Records

Classy, vintage R&B.  It’s not something we get a lot off, as top 40 stations get filled with the overproduced, suffocating garbage from the mainstream.  But then every once in a while we get an artist like Winston Warrior that blows expectations out of the water.  Channeling energies and style from the classics that defined his genre, including queues and inspirations from favorites including that Marvin Gaye lovin’,  Stevie Wonder soul and Micheal Jackson pop-sensibility, Winston Warrior’s Lifeology 101 will be an instant staple for any fan of the rhythm and blues.  This Atlanta-born, Southern native certainly has the credentials to make it work, having opened for a healthy handful of major acts (including Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Dru Hill, Soul 4 Real and Bone Thugs N Harmony).  Keep your ears open up in “da clubs” for some of that classy Winston Warrior this year.


Released:  3/8/2011


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  1. Thanks for these words! i’ll stay true to real, Vintage R&B!

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