No Color

The Dodos

No Color

Frenchkiss/Wichita Records

Five years ago marked the meeting of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber and the formation of The Dodo’s.  They were an instant favorite, and within months were opening for some of the biggest acts in indie-pop.  As one of the newest and better garage rock duos, The Dodo’s instant critical appreciation and a solid fan base helped them stand out in an oversaturated genre.  Now, a half-decade later, The Dodo’s have began to reinvent there sound, pulling for a more classic, clearer, more pop-sensible style reminiscent of more mainstream bands (Neutral Milk Hotel come to mind).  Despite the refreshing new direction, it lacks a certain element of soul that was so present in their earlier releases, making No Color an ironically accurate title.  Maybe after a couple more tries they can earn it back, but for now it almost seems stale.  Not to say No Color is bad in the least, it certainly hits all the elements their contemporaries have mastered, and often to a higher degree of perfection.  The high-speed guitar riffs of Meric Long prove quality and the more than unique drumming of Logan Kroeber is always insatiable (playing off the rims rather than membranes while avoiding the bass drum all-together).  And there is another nice positive plus here, as The Dodo’s try a new method of distribution after their last release Time to Die’s got leaked early.  Allowing all their fans free listens before their purchase (courtesy of their website) shows confidence as well as a nice preview for anyone on the fence.


Released: 3/15/2011


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