Snoop Dogg


Priority/Capitol/EMI Records

For the last twenty years Snoop Dogg has risen to become one of (if not the) biggest names in hip-hop.  Known for his unique lyrical stylings, skilled freestyling and ultra-smooth presentation, Snoop is one mainstream rapper whose talents match his renown.  Since he reached stardom there has been more artists emulating his flow than any other of his contemporaries.  As one of the many MCs propelled into the spotlight by the legendary Dr. Dre he is one of the few who stayed strong even after Dre’s inevitable drop.  Doggumentary marks Snoop Dogg’s eleventh studio album.  Despite a few lackluster releases over the last few years, Doggumentary marks a return to form for the genre’s giant.  Promoted as a follow-up to his first big breakout record, the critically acclaimed Doggystyle (Doggumentary was first tentatively titled Doggystyle 2: Tha Doggumentary) it’s no wonder why he recaptured his old-school 90’s style: he shines best channeling the energies of that first generation of gangster hip-hop.  Fans and critics alike have been pushing Snoop Dogg to return to his roots and, as the crowd pleaser who loves to indulge his fans almost as much as indulging himself, he bows to the requests.  He features the best and most popular names in hip-hop, from R. Kelly to T-Pain, Kanye West to Wiz Khalifa and plenty more plus even a selection of names that span genres outside his own (“Sumthing Like this Night,” which features the Gorillaz, is a standout, and the Willie Nelson track is almost just about as good).  Doggumentary is a must-have.


Released:  3/29/2011


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