Catchy, fun and lyrically clever, the Ravishers have the makings of a successful indie-pop outfit.  Hailing from music hotspot Portland, Oregon, where they have already begun to turn heads, they hit all the hotspots of their more established contemporaries.  Pop-sensible and intelligent, their first release, also titled the Ravishers, is infectious.  While they are clearly borrowing a page from the notebook of the more well-known acts in their genre (sounds like the best of the Strokes and Interpol mashed together) it only works in their favor.  Three years in the making, the Ravishers first full-length hardly disappoints.  Each song is strong in its own right, all unique and different than the last.  The strong, minimal but totally present guitar is both catchy and mastered and the drumming, though also not overly approached is perfectly tuned to make the listener want to get up and dance.  Both of which compliment their vocalist in a way that outdoes most others.


Released: 4/7/2011


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