Panda Bear


Paw Tracks

It was Animal Collective that really first spurned my musical tastes into new territory.  I remember having Sung Tongs on repeat for months, and how excited I was when Feels was first released in 2005.  Then Strawberry Jam came out and those tracks quickly became the most played songs on my iTunes (and stayed there for years until computer issues erased my stats).  And afterwards I began to slowly move away, culminating in my disappointment of Merriweather Post Pavilion.  But founding member Panda Bear has peaked my interest again.  Easily the most influential of Animal Collective’s founding member, his solo releases have garnered as much praise as any of his bands.  The last four years of seeming inactivity of both projects, solo and group, has been partly due to Panda’s newest full-length, the epic Tomboy.  Here he moves in a new, welcome direction.  After “getting tired” of the synthesized direction of his last releases, Panda has included a renewed attention to the guitar and rhythm of his songs.  The stronger backbone of the just as avant-garde tracks makes them seem stronger than his previous Person Pitch.  Again, the experimental effects are just as present and the songs are as unique and new as anything he has released, there’s just a new feeling of real beat to the tracks.  Perfect for anyone, especially those curious to what indie music’s favorite has been up to.  Tomboy is absolutely lovely.


Released:  4/12/2011


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