Controlling Your Allegiance

The Japanese Popstars

Controlling Your Allegiance

EMI Records

I feel like I’m sitting in the back of a rave.  The Japanese Popstars’ throbbing beats and distorted voices sound like they would be perfectly at home in the basement of some New York venue filled with candy kids.  I love my electronic dance, and I love it dark and heavy (both of which Controlling Your Allegiance is), but it really feels like a step backwards from the leaps and bounds that have been made in the genre this past decade.  It’s good, maybe a little bit too “housey” for my tastes but I can’t deny it’s appealing.  I mean, the first thing I did when the intro track “Let Go” started playing was bob my head.  There is certainly a huge audience for this music and I fully expect to hear a track or two over the next few years whenever I dance in some dark warehouse in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe not the album someone would pick up to just listen and enjoy as some background jam (unless you are on something, who knows) but I’m hardly telling you to avoid it.  The sparse vocals are great and the variety of sound between each song is a definite plus.  Think of it as if Daft Punk just started their legendary career now, and the kind of influences that would have on their records (without the same degree of polish, though).  Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Released: 6/13/2011


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