Twin Atlantic


Red Bull Records

A year ago a new band broke out and blew fans and critics away.  That band is Twin Atlantic.  They are the kind of band you would hear at Warped Tour performing alongside acts like My Chemical Romance and The Gaslight Anthem.  As someone who hasn’t heard their first work, it’s hard for me to imagine how these guys got so big so fast.  What I’m listening to is nothing special (though their niche does exist a nice few degrees above some of their more popular contemporaries).  Relationship angst, getting hammered at parties, there’s nothing in those lyrics that really draw me in.  The power-pop smashing chords are nice, especially for the direction they are aiming for.  But overall, Free is not catchy enough, not clever enough nor good enough to show any more promise than becoming a new favorite for “edgy” teens.  I’d avoid it if I were you.

Released: 5/2/2011


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