Prog Out With Your Hog Out preview

(This article was written as a show preview and published in the Synthesis).

Prog Out with Your Hog Out

Mark your colanders everyone.  Come April 29th, you are all going to privileged enough to see some of the strangest, most progressive music from the area (and more).  Put on by the spectacular Clouds on Strings and accompanied by everyone who works outside the box, it’s gearing up to be quite the show.  Also joining the lineup of Chico acts is Bay Area’s Moetar, one of the most impressive bands that has reared its head these last few years.  I sat down with Clouds’ Micheal Boone and Josh Hegg to get the scoop for you guys.

How did you guys come up with the title, Prog Out With Your Hog Out?

Michael Boone: We heard the phrase from this DJ, some guy in Florida that’s totally into prog.  He always says on his show “get ready to prog out with your hog out.”  And it’s funny cause he’s totally this three hundred pound Samoan guy.  It’s a funny phrase and captures vibe we are going for.

Josh Hegg:  Yeah, Chico State didn’t like it.  They thought the phrase was dirty… or something.  And then took down all our posters over there.

What bands can we expect to see?

MB: Headlining is Moetar, they are a newer band that really does the prog thing.  Almost pop-prog.  They are from Oakland, and all kinds of crazy stuff come from Oakland. Their singer has an amazing voice, and the instruments do all kinds of crazy things.  We got Birth of Fire, kind of a post-rock act.  Oh, and the Mahout Chisel, some old dudes who keep sending us crazy emails, not sure what to expect.

JH: Yeah I got an email (from Mahout Chisel) that was just full of entandres.  Every line was a reference to a different Zeppelin song… like “we were gonna do this other show, but there was a Communication Breakdown, you know, it’s always the same.” They were just so strange we just had to include them.

Anything special/exciting planned?

MB:  Well, the Clouds (on Strings) are going to do something special.  We’ve got a little surprise planned.  And it’s at the Blue Room so we’ve got to use some theatrics.

JH:  Yeah, it’s going to be sick.

MB: Mostly we just want people to leave confused.  Not that that’s the best way to get fans to come (laughs).

What’s the goal for the show?

JH:  We really want people to see Moetar.  They will be blown away.

MB:  Yeah, I’m more excited to see them than anything.  They are some of the most capable musicians around.  They can play songs that will surprise anyone.  And from a musician’s stand point, you will really appreciate.  They are a band’s band.

What does the future hold for Clouds on Strings?

JH:  Well this show is kind of our two year anniversary, which is pretty exciting.

MB:  And spring and summer always comes our best writing, we are totally excited to get that underway.

JH:  It will probably be stranger than our last one.  Everything we do we try to step closer to the edge, until we just fall off.

Prog Out With Your Hog Out is happening this Friday the 29th at everyone’s favorite Blue Room Theater.  Tickets are only 5 dollars, and with this kind of line-up it’s not to be missed.  Check Clouds on Strings Facebook page for more info.


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