Beautiful Blackout

Diet Kong

Beautiful Blackout

Patriarch Recordings

It’s fast paced and infectious.  Short but sweet.  This five-track EP and Diet Kong’s second release, Beautiful Blackout is incredibly fun.  The kind of music that most people have never heard before but when it gets played at a party they all end up dancing.  Diet Kong hails from the mountains of upstate New York where singer/guitarist Keith Gladsyz and singer/visualist Jenn Penn farm on a modest slice of land near a local record shop owner and drummer Jeff Harigfeld.  It was there the three of them formed Diet Kong and began playing and touring together.  Beautiful Blackout, though their third CD, is the chronicle of their compelling transitions from a big city to the small-town country lifestyle (two members originally called Brooklyn their home).  It’s a release ripe full of good times and upbeat dance tracks.

Released: 10/19/2011


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