Great Heat

The Bell

Great Heat

Badman Recording Company

The last four years saw a lot of growth for Swedish indie rock group The Bell.  Starting as a small, unknown from a country that’s not exactly a musical hotspot (though I’m hardly saying good music doesn’t come from Sweden, it’s just never been a big blip on the radar), their latest release Great Heat has received love from critics and fans alike, marking The Bell’s ascension to the forefront.  Several of the songs have even been featured in mainstream commercials and popular TV shows.  And really, I can see why.  They occupy a sweet spot in their genre where the thoughtful and playful collide.  It’s the catchy, pop-sensibility combined with intentionality of the lyrics and song that really do help The Bell stand out from their contemporaries.  Great Heat is full of powerful moments of melody, moments that compare with the best of acts like Animal Collective and Arcade Fire.  Speaking of those two very different bands, that’s kind of what The Bell is like.  Imagine if someone mashed the synth-driven backbone of Animal Collective with Arcade Fire melodies and you get an idea of what the sound Great Heat delivers (though it is a bit more “poppy” than the two combined).  See if you can’t find tracks “Today” and “Whatever Did You Say” on the internet.  Give them a listen, I’m sure you will enjoy.  Then go find yourself a copy of this album, it won’t disappoint.

Released: 4/1/2011


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