Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes

Helplessness Blues

Sub Pop Records

Since Fleet Foxes first release only three years ago they have stayed in the front of everyone’s radar.  They have headlined more music festivals than almost anybody in the last two years, have awed audiences with spectacular shows and their self-titled debut Fleet Foxes still gets included on most everyone’s playlists.  Their newest release Helplessness Blues certainly does not disappoint.  In a year that’s already had some of amazing music in the genre, Helplessness Blues is THE folk album to hear so far.  Not quite as sunny and cheerful as their debut, the newer darker feel is a welcome progression for these giants.  Which is hardly to say Helplessness Blues is all lyrically negative, their hopefulness and golden sound that first got them so famous is still present, but matured.   It’s a deeper, more contemplative follow-up to one of the greatest debut releases of the last decade, and measures up to their own standards superbly.  And despite the leaps and bounds these guys have made for their genre, there is never one point in the album where they appear to have let it go to their head. Fleet Foxes in Helplessness Blues are just as refreshing and lacking of conceit that they have always has been.   With a follow-up as spectacular as this is, these guys will be going somewhere.   As long as they continue to roll out songs as soulful and original as these, expect Fleet Foxes to be one of the biggest acts of this next decade.  I’m excited.

Released: 5/3/2011


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