A Life in Letters

The Fire Apes

A Life in Letters

Self Released

Ohhhhh jeeeeeze.  It’s the music I used to love in junior high.  I thought I was done with hearing Blink-182 and Good Charlotte rip-offs.  The Fire Apes’ A Life in Letters really just feels like yet another release from those pop-punk bands of my younger years.  It certainly isn’t great.  It might even be terrible.  The obvious attempt at maturity for these guys falls seriously short.  Power-pop chords and teenage angst was something that was hardly even cool ten years ago.  Why would it be now?  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; The Fire Apes are in fact comprised of members that existed in Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Fountains of Wayne and Shinedown.  And none of those credentials impress me (or most anybody else, I suspect).  Now really though, avoid this.  It’s as cheesy and full of angst as they come.

Released:  5/23/2011


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