Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades


Free PC Game

Remember Minecraft?  That game that with a huge player base (that it still has) for a game about mining blocks and building insane structures?  Well, welcome to its natural evolution.  Ace of Spades is a COMPLETELY free game created by small time developer “becoolface” taking the mechanics and stylings of Minecraft, but giving it an exciting twist.  Now Minecraft exists in WWI, where the “Greens” and “Blues” are locked in deadly combat fighting over possession each other’s precious intel (it’s a flag… think capture the flag).  So it’s a shooter.  A shooter where you have the ability to tunnel through mountains in order to dig a shortcut into the enemy base, one where you can build bunkers on the fly to protect yourself from enemy rifle and grenade fire.  It currently exists in a fairly early beta form, but updates are added almost weekly.  Check it out now before bcoolface finally realizes he can make good money off it.  And another plus?  Even your grandmothers Windows 95 could run this game.  Check it out at

Released:  4/4/2011 (Beta), TBA (Full Version)


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