Cocoon – A Resale Boutique

This article was published in our other in-house publication The Upstate Business Journal, not the Synthesis.

In the vein of popular trade/sell businesses (think Buffalo Exchange and Crosswords), local resident Summer O’Neil has opened up shop for our very own trade/sell (and purchase) store specializing in both local arts and crafts and quality second hand clothing and furniture/appliances.  What began as a process of brainstorming and meager beginnings, these last months have really exploded for Summer and her new store Cocoon Resale Boutique.  Complete with a gorgeous store and storefront, an empty space for local events and fundraisers and a passion for Chico-made art, Cocoon Resale Boutique exists in a spot and space where there is a little for everyone.  From clothing (in all sizes), to furniture, to local art and other products and even its own modest gallery, this resale boutique is something we really should all visit.  I had a chance to sit down with Summer to ask her a few questions about the beginnings and future of our newest all-purpose second hand shop.

Throughout our conversation, it came up again and again that her true emphasis behind this new entrepreneurship comes from her love for her community and the people that live inside it.  Ten percent of all profits she earns (the store itself is run and managed and employed by Summer herself, quite and undertaking for one individual) will be in turn donated to local non-profit organizations.  These organizations will include the American Cancer Society shop as well as the Jesus Center, and even more local nonprofits as her business expands.

It is also important to note she hopes to use her new storefront as another, more permanent location for local artists to display their pieces for extended periods of time (rather than the limited allotted times that exist at most artistic venues throughout Chico).  As with the rest of her business model, she hopes to give the majority of sales from any pieces displayed within the store back to the community and artists.  As it looks right now, 70% of the profit from any art sold will go directly back into the hands of these artists themselves.

The Cocoon Resale Boutique and Summer are also incredibly dedicated to the community that surrounds them.  As an individual who does not live very far from the store itself, she hopes that as her business grows she can use the store and the space nearby and within to promote community events and fundraisers for nearby neighborhoods.

The store itself is located at 1431 Park Avenue, and is open from 10 to 2 Monday through Thrusday, 10 to 5 on Fridays and 11 to 6 on Saturday (and closed Sunday).  This is yet another budding local business that deserves all of our attention, and with a business model that’s dedicated to both the community and the consumer.  If you can ever make time out of your week to drop by and give Cocoon Resale Boutique and Summer a visit, I recommend you do.


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