Dylan’s Dharma

Dylan’s Dharma’s roots run deep here in Chico.  A massive band, complete with nearly ten members (it’s a long list: Dylan Seid, Robert Meraz, Leo Florez, Pavi Cannon, Micheal Cannon, Jimmy Fay, Dharma LaRocca, Jess McCord, King Hopeton, Mike Pascal and J.D. Dobbs are all active, contributing members), most of which have lived in Chico for decades.  They love their community, and it shows, constantly perform free for all kinds of audiences ranging from their children’s elementary schools to wild bar venues.  The founding members came together and formed the band four years ago and after the half decade of bringing fun, exciting and always welcoming music to this music loving city of Chico, their hard work has started to really pay off.  The newest album is often handed out freely to anyone this excitable group meets and has garnered some real recognition and praise from friends, family and critics alike.

The sound off the self-titled record is a sort of eclectic pop-rock-reggae, danceable and big.  A sound that really show’s off the bands love for each other as well as their city, a sound that seems like an impeccable soundtrack to Chico’s hot summer nights.  They’ve got a massive show planned for this Thursday (the 16th) at the Down Lo – a birthday celebration for the band’s drummer Leo Florez.  I got a chance to sit down with Leo and the crew to get the scoop on this not-to-be-missed party.

So what can we expect at Thursday’s show?

Leo Florez:  Expect a great time.  We want to include the community and be sure that it’s charged by a “higher vibration.”

What bands and groups will be sharing the stage with you guys?

Leo:  Well, there will be the Perpetual Drifters, John Paul Gutierrez, The Double Zero band and One Last Time featuring Chris, Jeff and Matt (who are some lifelong friends of ours).

Can I get some background on the newest album?

Dylan Seid:  Well we recorded it in Pavi’s studio up in the canyon, Canyon Sounds Studios.

Pavi Cannon:  Yeah, it’s a great studio.  We got all kinds of amazing natural acoustics from the canyon surrounding us, very natural sounding and everything.  Turned out great.

What does the future hold for all of you and Dylan’s Dharma?

Dylan:  More albums.  We are working on a real epic one right now and in the process are really maturing as a band.  We’ve got forty plus original songs that we have all contributed to, just waiting to be produced.  Also going to be involved with some festivals.

Leo:  We are on the road to Zion, riding the highest vibrations and on the strictest diet of truth.

Check out Dylan’s Dharma this Thursday the 16th at the Down Lo and celebrate drummer Leo Florez’s birthday with the band.  The party and performances kick off at 6 p.m. and will continue late into the night.  There is no cover charge for this great event, so there is no good reason to miss this epic celebration.


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