E3 2011

E3 2011

Video Games

Los Angeles Convention Center

Well, it’s that time of year all of use gamers have been waiting for.  It’s E3.  For the uninformed, E3 (or, the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is a yearly convention that occurs in the beginning of summer.  It’s where every major (and not-so-major) video game company comes together to bring news, previews and reveals about the upcoming year in the industry.  Companies from Microsoft to Nintendo, Blizzard to Blizzard and everything in between have been pouring out all kinds of exciting information to get you juiced on the future of your favorite past time.  Get yourself online and to your favorite gaming site and get the scoop on this year’s biggest reveals, such as the enormous amounts of information released on the newest Elder Scrolls game (Skyrim).  It’s looking fantastic, complete with dragons, dual wielding and a world that’s even larger than Oblivions.  But maybe you aren’t an RPG gamer, so you might be more interested in some of the action game reveals.  E3 saw the announcement of a whole myriad of features for the next Batman game, Arkham City (sequel to the beloved Arkham Asylum game of 2009).  Or do you like shooters?  If so, Microsoft had one of the biggest surprises of the week with the highly unexpected Halo 4 reveal.  That one won’t be released for even a couple of years from now and all we got was 90 seconds of cryptic cinematic (but that hardly matters to Halo fans, who have long-thought the trilogy was done and ended).  It’s a great week for our kind, and if you aren’t staying caught up, get caught up.

Convention Dates:  6/7/2011 – 6/9/2011


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