Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Green Lantern:  Emerald Knights

DC Comics Animated Original Movies

Warner Bros.

DC animation has long been known for its attention to detail, spectacular storytelling and peerless animation.  Green Lantern:  Emerald Knights, the newest to the legendary line of DC animated stories, proves no different.  It serves as a companion to the upcoming Green Lantern film, an anthology of stories featuring prominent heroes from throughout the comic’s history.  The film opens with a fearsome battle between a Green Lantern and nameless demons that foreshadows the coming of the galactic conqueror, Krona.  As preparations for the upcoming battle ensue, legendary Green Lantern Hal Jordan chronicles the history of the Green Lantern Corps most famous members including Mogo, Abin Sur, Laira, Sinestro and the Corps’ first recruits, culminating in the showdown between the Lanterns and Krona.  This is a must-see for any fan of the series or anybody excited for the upcoming Green Lantern blockbuster.

Released:  6/7/2011


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