Soul Butter and Dead Winters Carpenters

Mark your calendars for this Friday for Bustolini Presents’ newest show.  Dead Winter Carpenters, a bluegrass outfit from the Lake Tahoe area, and new local act Soul Butter will be performing some rock’n, danceable jams for everyone to enjoy.  This will be the first Chico show for both bands and it will certainly turn some heads.  The five piece act Soul Butter, though only two months old, is built with some of Chico’s strongest musicians including members from previous acts Gravy Brain and Here For Now as well as Eye Queue’s current electric guitarist.  I had time to sit down with one of Soul Butter’s front men and vocalist Julian to get the scoop on their first live performance.

What kind of music do you guys play?

Julian: Well, the stuff I write is mostly singer/songwriter driven, kind of along the lines of John Butler or Ani DiFranco, while Chris’ stuff is more rock driven.  His sounds are in the vein of STP [Stone Temple Pilots] and others from that era.  We sing on each other’s songs, and as far as our sound is it’s like groove rock.  Lots of influences.

Where does the name Soul Butter come from?

J: Well we always joke about butter, saying things like “well that just melts my butter” and the like.  So we started throwin’ out a bunch of butter names and soul butter came out, which turned out to be inadvertently a Mark Twain quote from Huck Finn that just seemed to fit perfectly. [“Music is a good thing; and after all that soul-butter and hogwash I never see it freshen up things so, and sound so honest and bully.” – Huckleberry Finn]

What can we expect and why should we be sure to attend?

J: Well it’s our first full public show, and we want you to expect to have fun.  We’ve got some things planned for the show and want you to be sure to bring your dancing shoes.  I’m sure people will like the lineup of music.  It’s also only five bucks, and it’s going to support local music big time.  Especially Bob [Bustolini] as a promoter.  And the Dead Winter Carpenters are very good.  It will be the best five dollars you spend that night, guaranteed.

As mentioned before, sharing the stage with Soul Butter will be Dead Winter Carpenters who will be taking a break from their summer festival tour (which includes everyone’s favorites High Sierra and Strawberry Music Festival) to give Chico a taste of their infectious “rollicking Amerigrass.”  They are one of the best of the genre.  If you aren’t worn out from dancing after Friday, then you missed one of the best events Chico has to offer.

Dead Winter Carpenters and Soul Better will be taking the stage this Friday, the 3rd at 9 p.m. over at Lost on Main.  The cover is only five dollars and will go directly towards promoting new local bands.  I’ll see you there.


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