Woods of Ypres

Anyone who professes love for Metal would do their best to check out Woods of Ypres.  This half Canadian, half American band is one of the hardest working acts in their genre.  These guys have been shredding stages all across North America for years and are currently in the process of their biggest tour yet.  Luckily for us, they plan on making a stop in Chico at everyone’s favorite bar/venue, Lost on Main, to provide us with a thrashing night full of doom and rock and roll.  I talked with Woods of Ypres’ Evan Madden to get the full scoop on their night at Lost.

Help me give myself and the readers a little background on Woods of Ypres and your latest tour.

Well, Woods of Ypres has been a band since 2002, but the current lineup has been playing together for just about three years.  This is our sixth tour in the past three years, but only our second full North American tour.

So this is your sixth tour in just three years, pretty impressive.  What makes this tour different than your others?

It’s different from last others because we’re playing more cities, many of which we’ve never played before.

Is this Woods of Ypres’ first Chico appearance?  What can we expect from you guys?

Yeah, the show on May 26th will be our first Chico appearance, and you Chicoans can expect a versatile set of fast, slow, old and new material spanning four albums.  But above everything, our focus is on song writing, and our set is melodic and memorable.

Why should we all make sure to attend your show?  Anything special planned?

Well, while we’re not doing anything particularly special for this show, we approach every show with the same work ethic and we always give our 100%.  We are very excited to play Chico for the first time and hope you are too.

What does the future hold for Woods of Ypres?

We just released a new album out on Earache Records, and a new single 7″ vinyl.  Be sure to check those out.

Woods of Ypres will be taking the stage at Lost on Main this Thursday, May 26th at Lost on Main.  The show begins at 9 p.m. with a low cover charge of just [?, never got this info].  If you love your metal blackened and full of doom, this is not a band you want to miss.


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